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Ok I couldnt be there, and im terribly sad about it. I tried until the very last minute to go! Anyway, ive been checking some videos . Their performance was quite good ! I wish I could have been there!!!!!!!!! Maybe next time.

Must haves: accessories. Sunglasses. shinny colors kind of 80's style.
Trainers. As you know she is the face of Reebok. she often teams her trainers with  knee-high socks and a skirt.
Hats, caps. She often wears masculine items with a feminine touch,
Aggy's 80's look: (from sofeminine.co.uk)
Bold, bright  fashion accessories and makeup are huge this summer.coloured outfits  have character and boost your mood in an instant.
match fluo-coloured bright pieces with dark basics. Examples: pink jacket with black skinnies, yellow skinnies with a white tunic and orange dresses. If you're not convinced the bright look does it for you, opt for bright accessories: a red bag, turquoise trainers, orange belt or yellow scarf can instantly jazz up an outfit.

Print tees. Large tees, xxl are the kind that Aggy wears. She is a good friend of Mr Holland. In this photo she is wearing fashion groupie's  shirts.(ive got myself something similar)

Ive found this page very useful.www.polyvore.com
As you can see, skinny pants, mainly black are part of her style as well. Leather jackets are a must have.Get the look with a leather biker style jacket, perfect for a casual look or channeling that glam 'rock star couture' vibe.

Lately I've been very much into body splash, lotions, parfums. Ive liked them all my life, but its been like an addiction to me for the last couple of months. Lol, i know it sounds crazy. Ive bought some scented liquid lotions .Liquid soap as well Banana is my favorite so far. Ive got coconut also.
Regarding parfums, ive got a few that i like.But im dying to try the new one from Gaultier's . Madame..its notes are floral. Its fruit scented. I believe one of the top notes is Granadina..? I'll google it later on, lol

Anyway I saw the ad, and i loved it. Ive read many reviews about it, people criticize Gaultier because he thought of Agyness Deyn for the ad, and she had done The Beat, by Burberry. They say its sort of the same thing. I dont think so.

In fact  Agyness is perfect for the ad, and you can tell what Gaultier wanted to portray.

The 80’s was a time of excess, things were big and loud, even the colors.
Neon colors became very popular - pink and 
and fluorescent yellow, acid green were everywhere!  accessories turned neon too( as seen in the photos)
Fingerless gloves, similar to the ones Madonna, Boy George and other musicians of the time wore, were neon as well.

There were also shades of bright violet and blue but they weren’t as popular as their brighter counterparts
People used to match a piece of neon clothes with other pieces , plus neon accessories .

This is a commercial from the 80's.Even toys became Neon . Its something called Leon Neon.

Also check this video from a band far in the 80's called...want to take a guess ? Yes! NEON. Lol.

She was very influential for girls at the time, and still going on nowadays! Im very much into fashion and music.I thought " i can not start a blog about  music, style  without talking of the great Madonna! " Here are some photos of her very 80's style

She wore multiple necklaces and bracelets, some with crosses and other iconography.Lots of accessories such as big earrings!! Everyday Madonna clothing of the 80’s included a skirt worn over tight pants Crosses were a must.Gloves also were part of her style ( seen in the following pic).The boyish style worked perfectly as well. T shirts, hats. Short platinum hair seen in songs such as true blue, open your heart (  mid 80's -end of the decade)

You can love her or hate her, but she is definitely a trendsetter!